We specialize in Lenovo Laptop Repair on a variety of models. Our technical staff understand the issues that occur with individual machines in the Lenovo laptop product line and and offer superb hardware and software service work. We will fix damaged or faulty Lenovo laptop, and will find the lowest cost way to service your Lenovo laptop. We are committed to the highest quality Lenovo laptop repair service provided to you at an affordable rate. We seek to build long-term relationships with devoted Lenovo fans and promise each customer first rate laptop repair service on their Lenovo laptop models.

In or Out of Warranty

Being covered by a warranty plan or care package for Lenovo laptop repair could allow you to save money when fixing your notebook. Don’t worry if you are unsure about the warranty status of your computer, just contact us and we’ll find the warranty information for you. LBM is capable of providing repairs and support regardless of whether your machine is in or out of a warranty agreement. As a certified Lenovo Warranty Service Provider, we are approved to perform Lenovo laptop computer repairs on your notebook.

Lenovo Software Malfunctions:

For instances where no blunt trauma or unfortunate spills have occurred, the problem with your computer likely stems from a software complication. A strategic approach to Lenovo laptop repair can help further specify the problem without damaging other components of your system.
Standard Software Problems Include:
Viruses or Malware Contraction
Operating System (Windows) Malfunctions
Program Throwing Exceptions
Registry Errors
Conflicting Drivers
Prior to seeking out our professional help, attempt these recommendations:
Close other programs that are open to free up RAM
Revert any recent hardware or software changes
Shut down and restart your laptop
Look for software updates
Restart the software
Uninstall and reinstall the software
Scan for viruses

Lenovo Hardware Malfunctions:

If software is functioning correctly, the likely source of your issue is hardware. Traveling on a regular basis with your laptop or direct blunt trauma could loosen internal (or external) components of your notebook.
Here are nine types of hardware:
Central Processing Unit (CPU) – computer function processing center
Motherboard – manages component to component communication
Hard disk – storage location for files and data
Memory (RAM) – temporary data storage
Optical disk – Drives for CDs or DVDs
Keyboard and Mouse – the typing surface of your laptop
Monitor – the screen component of your computer
Casing – the protective shell of your notebook
Fan – cooling hardware for thermal management


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